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Educational package in Spain

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:00
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Spanish Language School in Madrid

Enforex Madrid is our second largest language school in Spain. Consisting of a modern, two-story building in the northern end of the city center, the premises are within a stone's throw of the Argüelles, San Bernardo and Ventura Rodríguez tube stations, easily linking it with lines 2, 3, 4 and 6. What's more, the school is just a short walk away (10 minutes, at the most) from one of the trendiest areas in the entertainment district, with a virtually endless offer of places and styles of food and drinks.


  • Downtown in "Argüelles / Moncloa", the university district
  • 5 minute walk from the University and Plaza de España
  • 10 minute walk from Malasaña, one of the most popular neighborhoods for going out and eating out
  • Metro stops: San Bernardo and Argüelles
  • 9 bus lines right near the school


  • Recently renovated 2-storey building with ample natural light
  • 40 classrooms with audio-visual equipment
  • Large common room with vending machines
  • Computer lab and free Internet access
  • Wi-Fi (wireless access throughout the school)
  • Well-equipped library and video library
  • Teacher's room
  • Spacious central patio
  • Air conditioning and central heating


Madrid: the city that only sleeps when it feels like it. Swinging, jiving and rocking like very few places in Europe, the capital of Spain offers the almost unique combination of being a large administrative center, with all the services and facilities, that such thing entails, and, at the same time, offering one of the most enthralling entertainment scenes around, packed with all the eccentricities that pertain to a modern metropolis. So, if you're looking for a Spanish School in Madrid that's just as diverse as the city , you've found the right place!

Equipped to house as many as 400 students, our Spanish school and summer camps in Madrid welcome pupils of all ages from around the world, as well as Spaniards who join us to study English, French and German. It's a tremendously multi-cultural environment, where everyone is open to meet other people, to exchange different impressions from distant perspectives and, ultimately, to experience something altogether new with people from other places who could, in the end, become your new best friends. All of this makes of our language center in Madrid a lively international schools that truly reflects the nature of this wonderful city.

Long Live Madrid!

At Enforex, we understand that regardless of where you are, the most important aspect to enable you to make the most of your experience is that you feel comfortable with yourself and with where you are. For this very reason we have made every effort to make our Spanish school in Madrid as cozy and comfortable as you would want it to be. To this end, we have conducted recent renovations in the building that houses our classrooms, incorporating all the latest technology into the infrastructure of the school. For instance, Wi-Fi access to the Internet is available throughout the premises.

Boasting up to 40 classrooms with ample room to carry out all sorts of didactic activities, our two-story building is perfectly equipped to deal with and make the most of the famous weather of Madrid: both air conditioning units and central heating ensure the rooms are kept at a temperate level throughout the year, and a a large garden feeds great amounts of light into the main structure. As well as the garden, communal areas include a computer lab with 20 computers, a video room and a quiet reading room, as well as a library with reading and audiovisual material.

Then again, with our school sitting just a few hundred yards away from the lively Calle San Bernardo and the legendary Calle Manuela Malasaña, it is more than likely that you will feel a sudden urge at some point during your stay to step out of the lovely nest we have built for you and venture into the wild world of tapas and copas outside. It's alright – we have gone through it all before and by now we have learned to cope with it. It's the laws of life, and so long as you are happy, so are we!

The Wide Scope of Culture

Get carried away with the full range of the term "culture" that you will find in Madrid: from the Habsburg to the Bourbons, past Franco's dictatorship and back again to the royal family, Madrid is vastly rich in history, despite it being a relatively young city. Not only that, in the triangle formed between the Museo de El Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofía you have one of the most densely populated areas in the world in terms of masterpieces per square foot!

In order for you to make the most of your time in our Spanish school in Madrid, we have devised special courses that will help you to develop your language skills in more creative and deeply engaging ways. Such as through our Spanish and Literature course, which combines General Spanish lessons with guided readings and special lessons oriented towards the understanding of literary terminology, or our Spanish and Flamenco course, which allows you the opportunity to learn all about the palos of the traditional dance, and to explain it to your friends, in Spanish!

Educational package in Italy

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:00
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Learn Italian in Rome

Welcome to Rome, the city of meetings
Rome is the meeting of ancient and modern, between Ancient Roman monuments and contemporary architectural works (the Maxxi museum by Zaha Hadid, the auditorium of Renzo Piano, the Ara pacis Museum), as well as Baroque masterpieces.
Rome is the meeting between the sacred and the secular, between hugely important places of worship (the Vatican and churches, the Jewish ghetto and the Synagogue; the Mosque) and the nightlife offered by places in the centre, in Testaccio and in Trastevere.
The Leonardo da Vinci school is a meeting place. The meeting between fantasy and the preparation of the teachers; the meeting between the rules of the language and practicing real communication, the meeting between people from more than 90 different countries who come to learn and enjoy the Italian language.


The Leonardo da Vinci school is your window to Rome and to all of Italy. It's about learning Italian. It's about following your passions. It's a continous adventure through art, cooking and Italian fashion.

Central. Located two steps from Piazza Navona and a few small streets away from Castel Sant'Angelo, the striking Palazzo del Banco di Santo Spirito is home to the school. A mix between ancient ambience and modern life, where people from different countries and cultures meet with a passion and an objective in common: to learn Italian.

Organised and interactive. What we offer is an immersion in Italian language, which is engaging and focused, ranging from 'survival' in Italian, to specialized and academic language. Whether you choose individual or group classes, with us you will learn grammar, immediately putting it into practice.

Stimulating. The key elements of the lessons are communication and interaction. The idea is to learn a living, vibrant language. The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci does not offer just teaching of the language, but also extra, educational 'free time' activities, where you learn about history of art, fashion and food.

Professional. The reception staff, capable and always ready to help; the teachers who are full of energy; our effective and fun teaching methods…everything is at your service.


Our Guarantees

  • We respond to your questions and bookings within 24 hours on working days.
  • A maximum of 12 students per group for all group language courses.
  • You can always extend your course during your stay without any extra administrative costs.
  • We guarantee that all students who have studied for 3 consecutive months (12 weeks) in our school will be able to apply for the DILI intermediate exam of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua. They will be able to apply for the DALI advanced exam after 6 months of consecutive studies.
  • Our school is certfied for security standards and for access for the disabled.
  • Students are insured against any injury they may experience inside the school building, during the activities organised by the school and during their way to school.
  • Our school can provide general medical and dental assistance with English-speaking doctors.

Student Services

  • The school secretary is at the service of students for every information. The students can see the secretary whenever they need some extra help.
  • On your first course day, you receive a Scuola Leonardo da Vinci student card with which you receive discounts in various museums, restaurants, discos, internet cafés, sports facilities, etc.
  • We offer a pick-up service from train stations and airports. You only need to inform us one week in advance of your arrival time and place (and flight or train number).
  • Help and advice in case of illness.
  • Common room where you can meet with your fellow students.
  • Free Internet access.
  • Public telephone and Email facilities.
  • Free receipt of faxes and emails. Faxes can also be sent from the school for a fee.


Why Us? Why our Italian language school in Rome?

  • Founded in 1984, we have years of experience and specialise in teaching Italian in Italy
  • School located in the city center
  • Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education
  • Our Italian School in Rome has obtained the International quality assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2008, as a quality school of Italian language for foreigners, and has regular inspections to ensure that high standards are maintained.
  • Officially recognized by the department of Education of Lazio Region.
  • Free Internet access for our students.
  • Equipped for handicapped students
  • Friendly and helpful staff that give personal attention to each student
  • Professional and young teachers all of whom have studied at the University level and who have been specially trained in teaching Italian to foreigners
  • Italian at every level, all year round
  • Small study groups
  • After 1, 3 or 6 months the AIL-exam "Firenze" (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) DELI/DILI/DILC/DALI/DALC can be taken.
  • A whole range of activities offered for students to gain insight into the Italian culture
  • Variety of students from over 50 countries study at our Scuola Leonardo da Vinci school.




Educational package in Cyprus

Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00
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English Quest is more than just a summer camp for teens! Our camp is about making memories, fostering lifelong friendships and creating more confident and capable young men and women. We are a small summer adventure camp and getting to know the children who stay with us during Summer is our biggest priority. English Quest isn’t just about outdoor fun; it’s about OUR CHILDREN, OUR STUDENTS! We want them to discover their best self, and we believe that the great outdoors is just the way to do it!

There’s a wonderful world out there, and English Quest provides the right atmosphere through our professional and friendly team for our students to take steps and experience new emotions. We are sure children will have an unforgettable summer experience loaded with non stop fun, excitement, and laughter, and where their safety is our TOP priority.

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